Medium booty shorts shown on mannquin with 39" hips

Playa-Ready Booty Shorts, Playa Desert, Tan, Cracked, Earth Burning Man

  • $25.00

Playa patterned booty shorts.  The pattern looks like the desert floor.  Cracked lines and shades of brown, beige and tan.



About these shorts

Booty Shorts that remind us of 'Home'.   The design is cracked desert, playa in a shade of tan.

Not long til we are waiting on Gate Road.  
The ultimate, most complete-ist, most thorough burning man list of supplies will start to circulate on Facebook.. like it does every year..

Plans will be made..
Rockstar librarian will be compiling her list.
Daft Punk tickets will be secretly handed out to a select few. (shhh!)
It's all so exciting!

BUT.. if you need a tangible reminder, these booty shorts will surely get the happy thoughts going.
Call it "playa camo"..

These are low rise booty shorts with moderate butt coverage..

Designed to stay in place when hooping , spinning, climbing stuff and riding your bike.
Should you spend the day, dancing your butt off.. Your butt will be found happily hugged by these shorts.

Made from spandex, with encased elastic in the waist, as well as the leg holes.
Seams are have durable, overlock stitching with double needle top-stitching at the waist and legs for additional longevity and wear.

There are no sequins, glitter, or dangling bits on these.. so they are MOOP friendly..

The waist and legs are ELASTIC.. there is large degree of stretch.
The chart below shows the size ranges .. (the shorts stretch further, but personal preference matters)



We make all the booty shorts in-house, in Brooklyn, NY.

They have one seam that runs front to back (between the butt cheeks) to help prevent a flat behind.

We do our best to match the pattern at the seams, so that everything lines up but do to sizing, and patterning, this may not always be the case.

All the booty shorts have an elastic waistband, and unless stated, elastic around the legs as well.

Juicy Peach Booty shorts are made with spandex, stretch velvet and lace, depending on the style.. All have a degree of stretch, that helps the shorts contour to your body making you look amazing!.

Some prints stretch more than others depending the print..Prints such as mermaid and cracked glass have less stretch due to the coating on the material. If you have questions, please ask.

size chart
If you have ANY questions about our products...PLEASE ask. We're happy to help.

booty shorts are low on the hips, with moderate coverage in the back. For comfortable sizing, know your waist and hips measurements...for real.

Heat and light are the enemies of all stretch fabrics.
Elastane yarns degrade over time when exposed to heat and light.
Stretch fabrics should be treated with great care to ensure long-lasting comfort and performance.

Please. Don't forget to add a size!