Medium booty shorts shown on mannquin with 39" hips

Weed Pattern on Gradient Booty Shorts

  • $25.00

These booty shorts have Marijuana leaves on a rainbow colored backgound as the primary pattern on these  shorts.  The background is black wiith the multicolor hues changing as horizontal lines.



The pot leaves are a few inches in size, so they are easily recognizable for what they are.


About these shorts

Marijuana leaves cover these rainbow colored shorts.  
Weed, Pot, Sticky Icky, Cheeba, Chiba, nugs, ganja, dube, doob, dope, hydro...whatever you want to call it.

With legalization approved in some states.. and pending in others..
these shorts are sure to get approved by anyone who looks at them..  
(bad pun-->these shorts are smoking!)

The weed print is throughout the pattern, but the colors start with RED at the top,
changing to BLUE, then GREEN then YELLOW.
If you have a preference as to RED or YELLOW, let us know.. since we can cut the material we can include it.

Low rise design, cheeky booty shorts with moderate butt coverage..
although, rear positioning can alter amount of exposure.

The waistband and leg openings have fully enclosed ELASTIC..
that making stay in place without fear of falling down
They have great stretch and recovery.

The crotch area is lined with a layer of bathing suit lining for added comfort

The size chart below shows the range the waist 'easily' stretches to.
Pick a size that you are comfortable in. 

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We make all the booty shorts in-house, in Brooklyn, NY.

They have one seam that runs front to back (between the butt cheeks) to help prevent a flat behind.

We do our best to match the pattern at the seams, so that everything lines up but do to sizing, and patterning, this may not always be the case.

All the booty shorts have an elastic waistband, and unless stated, elastic around the legs as well.

Juicy Peach Booty shorts are made with spandex, stretch velvet and lace, depending on the style.. All have a degree of stretch, that helps the shorts contour to your body making you look amazing!.

Some prints stretch more than others depending the print..Prints such as mermaid and cracked glass have less stretch due to the coating on the material. If you have questions, please ask.

size chart
If you have ANY questions about our products...PLEASE ask. We're happy to help.

booty shorts are low on the hips, with moderate coverage in the back. For comfortable sizing, know your waist and hips measurements...for real.

Heat and light are the enemies of all stretch fabrics.
Elastane yarns degrade over time when exposed to heat and light.
Stretch fabrics should be treated with great care to ensure long-lasting comfort and performance.

Please. Don't forget to add a size!