About Juicy Peach

Our Story..

The folks behind Juicy Peach are very creative when it comes to sewing. We make great booty shorts. (Well... booty shorts, bikini tops, yoga pants and kick-ass faux fur coats... But JUICY PEACH is all about the BOOOTY).
And we make them in Brooklyn, NY. Not in some overseas factory. Nope. We trek to the garment district, get all the materials, come back to the shop.. and make awesome booty shorts.

Life is short, have fun, and look good doing it!
We love clothes that are colorful, festive and as cool to wear as they are to look at. And we wanted to share our clothes with others so they could wear them when they are doing things they enjoy!

Our Credo


Never lose sight of who you are.


Manners, always. Thank you, Please, You're Welcome


Share. Food, compliments, longing glances, fun stories.


Never be a selfish lover!.

Our Team

Carl Q.

Drives this Bus

Ellie Q.

The Unicorn Pooping Awesome Ideas

LuLu B.

Creative Tour De Force

Bibbles Voo

Badass Designer

Stay in the know

We have, on occasion, been known to send out a newsletter with all sorts of goodies..Sales, deals, specials, new styles, cool events, and more.