Where are Juicy Peach Shorts made?

We make all our own product in Brooklyn, NY. We do not have any products imported or made by anyone else

How long will it take until I get my order?

The short answer.. About a week.

The longer explanation... The shipping time is anywhere from 1 to 4 days depending on where you live. We are in Brooklyn, so the closer you are to NYC, the faster the shipping time.

That said, We have several hundred different prints.. and offer multiple sizes. We keep many in stock, but some we may need to make. If the shorts are in stock, they will probably ship the same day. If we have to make them.. it will take another few days.

Do you have a store I can visit?

At this time, we do not.

We are ramping up our website, and retail partners, so for now, the website, and etsy are where you can find us.

We do sell our booty shorts at night markets, flea markets, craft bazaars and other outdoor events. So keep an eye out.

Where do you get your bootys from?

We believe in sustainable booty.
Sustainable booty allows for a high level of appreciation without undermining the natural order of things that civilized societies depend on.

Companies like ours, who take a sustainable approach, work in harmony with the resources provided, rather than ignoring or struggling against them – and use the best of current knowledge and technology to avoid the unintended consequences of fake, enhanced.. or un-natural booty presentation.

An important result is that shops like ours are able to minimize the proliferation, and perpetuation of negative booty presentation. :)


But Seriously.. We make everything here in Brooklyn.
We get yards of colorful, sparkly, vibrant spandex from the Garment District in NYC.,
cut the patterns pieces,
Stitch it all together.. the spandex, the elastic, finish each piece with a quality inspection.. and box everything up.
Nothing is made offshore. Everything is done here, by the people that work at Juicy Peach Clothing.

I have a comment / question / complaint. Who can I talk to?

Using the contact form here is the best way to get in touch with us

What do you do with my personal information

We believe in privacy and confidentiality. We will not release, sell, trade any of your information to third parties, or use for any purpose aside from what is need for doing business with you.

Your personal information and credit card info is secured on a verified, encrypted domain, (PayPal), and when checking out, the connection is secure (look for the lock icon). Please see our privacy policy for more information.

How does your sizing work?

Juicy Peach Booty shorts are made with spandex... that lovely, stretchy highly contouring..forgiving material.

Some prints stretch more than others...mermaid and cracked glass stretch less than others. (If you have questions, please ask.)

Before you place your order, PLEASE double check that you have measured yourself correctly, and have chosen the proper size.

If you are not unsure, contact us and we can answer your sizing questions.

If for whatever reason you receive your booty shorts and they do not fit as planned, we encourage you to give them to someone they do fit, and we will offer to send you another pair one free of charge (except for shipping) in a size that better suits you. A $10 flat rate fee is used for this situation.

What is your return policy?

Check our Full Return Policy for the full details.

The quickie version is this:
We want you to absolutely love your shorts.. but should you find they are not what you expected. Please let us know within 48 hours of receiving them and ship them back with tracking within 72 hours.

What's up with your 'sale' items

On occasion, we may need to make room for new products when we make a bunch of shorts to try new equipment, new materials, and new designs.
Rather than have stuff sitting on a shelf, we want them to be worn and enjoyed! So we price them to move.

Certain items may be marked as non-returnable. For a whole bunch of reasons, sales on these items are 100% final. No returns, no exchanges. We try to be detailed as possible in the description, so you know what you will be getting.

I love your shorts, can get free stuff and show them off on my social media account?

We LOVE that you love our products.

That's part of why we make them.

We encourage everyone who wears our clothes to show them off on social media.
#juicypeachco #juicypeach #juicypeachclothing #juicypeachbootyshorts #awesome

When it comes to freebies and brand ambassadors, we evaluate them on a case by case basis.

Things we consider:Who is your audience, your publishing frequency, other platforms used besides Instagram, etc..

If you are interested, drop us a note.